An unannounced third-party game will be unveiled at Microsoft’s online launch

According to industry insider Shinobi, Microsoft will present an unannounced third-party game on the Xbox Series X on a special edition of Inside Xbox next Thursday. Microsoft announced in the early hours of May 1 that it would present a live demo of the Xbox Series X at 11 p.m. Beijing time on Thursday, May 7, and that it would be a third-party work, including Ubisoft’s new book, Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of the Indy.

An unannounced third-party game will be unveiled at Microsoft's online launch

As for Microsoft’s first-party studio game, which is rumoured to be on display at an online launch in June, Shinobi said it would be a “big outburst” for Microsoft’s first-party studio.

Shinobi also revealed that, in addition to Ubisoft, EA could also show some of the games released this year on Inside Xbox Live next Thursday night.