(Pictured) Edge Beta gets Chrome’s “Mute Notification Requests” feature

Back in January, Google announced that it would add a new user interface to site notifications to address the experience of frequent notifications. To address this issue, Google announced that it would start offering Quiet Notifications from the Chrome 80 version, which will appear on the desktop as a small bell icon, indicating that the notification request has been blocked, rather than the usual pop-up notification request.

The new UI is available on both the desktop and the mobile side, and there is a dialog box to help use when first enabled. On the desktop side, the Notification Blocked text slides out quickly in the address bar and shrinks to a crossed bell icon. A message appears on the mobile side that appears up from the bottom.

The feature, which was previously manually enabled in chrome browsers, is now available on the Chromium-based Edge browser. To enable this feature, you’ll need to access the Settings and Site Permissions notifications in Edge Beta (83 and above) and choose to enable it.