(Pictured) Fitbit expected to launch children’s smartwatch with 4G connectivity

Fitbit, a veteran wearable maker, is expected to launch a children’s smartwatch that supports 4G connectivity in the near future, buying Doki Technologies, a Hong Kong-based start-up,media reported.

(Pictured) Fitbit expected to launch children's smartwatch with 4G connectivity

Earlier this month, Doki Technologies announced that it would end its services on its dokiWatch, dokiWatch S and dokiPal devices from July 1, though it did not mention Fitbit.

Media Engadget then contacted Fitbit PR and Doki founder Qian Weizhou, both of which responded with “no comment.” But themedia also found from the Hong Kong Company Registry in China that Doki’s current head has become Andrew Paul Missan, whose other identities include Fitbit Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

In addition,media also found in the registration data that Missan’s appointment in Doki was October 22 last year, which is likely to be the time when Fitbit completed the acquisition. If that’s the case, Doki successfully sold itself to Fitbit just before Google announced it was buying it for $2.1 billion.

The founder and chief executive of Doki, Whoo Qian, who had previously worked for Fitbit, eventually left his post at the end of 2015 and founded Dochi Technology in early 2016 to develop children’s smartwatches.

Parents can pair their parents’ smartphones for video calls by inserting a sim card into their child’s doki Watch. In addition, the watch is equipped with GPS global positioning, so that parents keep abreast of their children’s location, the watch is more equipped with emergency help function, when the child is in danger, just press a button to contact parents, inform the location. Other features of the watch include Bluetooth, messages, motion tracking, and more.