Windows 10 loses market share and macOS rises significantly

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system took a rare step backwards in April 2020, losing its long-growing market share, which macOS clearly benefited from, with a significant increase in market share. Windows 10 is already the world’s largest desktop operating system, with one out of every 2 PCs running the system. And while Windows 10’s market share is expected to continue to grow, especially after Microsoft retired Windows 7.

As more devices upgrade to the new version, Windows 10’s market share will grow, but last month’s trend did not follow the previous trend.

According to NetMarketShare, Windows 10’s market share actually fell from 57.34 percent to 56.08 percent in April, while macOS increased from 3.41 percent to 4.15 percent.

Windows 10 loses market share and macOS rises significantly

Windows 7 fell to 25.59 percent, which seems natural because it no longer receives updates and security patches. At the same time, Windows 10 remains the first choice for most people in the Windows ecosystem.

Security experts warn that the number of vulnerabilities against Windows 7 devices is increasing, thanks to its sharing of code with newer Windows, which exposes devices to potential attacks.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s recommended choice for everyone who is still using Windows 7, but for now, it’s clear that not everyone wants to do the upgrade. There is no doubt that Windows 7 has become the new Windows XP, just as Microsoft retired its 2001 operating system in 2014, and you know, Windows XP still has a market share of more than 1.32 percent after six years of retirement.