Coronavirus vaccine to be available planned to produce 100 million doses this year at cost

With the spread of the new corona epidemic around the world, although countries are actively developing vaccines, but it will take as soon as 12-18 months to complete. Now, in exciting news, a British pharmaceutical company is on track to produce 100 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine this year. AstraZeneca, the world’s leading pharmaceutical giant, has teamed up with Oxford University to produce 100m doses of the coronavirus vaccine by 2020,media reported.

The Oxford University team is the first in Europe to conduct human trials of a coronavirus vaccine, and AstraZeneca is working with British scientists to produce and sell the world’s first coronavirus vaccine and has promised to sell it at a cost, the report said.

Coronavirus vaccine to be available planned to produce 100 million doses this year at cost

John Bell, of Oxford University, said: “Although we have developed a vaccine, we hope it will benefit every country around the world, so we will work with AstraZeneca to significantly increase production levels.” “

It is understood that the results of clinical trials of the vaccine are likely to be announced in June and are expected to begin production and sales this year.

Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary, said it was encouraging news that the university’s current vaccine, one of the world’s most advanced vaccines, was being expanded by a deal with AstraZeneca to expand the scale of the coronavirus vaccine. Although the vaccine has not yet been officially launched, it presents us with a good opportunity to beat the virus.

It is reported that only a few of the vaccines under development have entered the human trial stage, which is an indicator of safety and efficacy, but also most vaccine failure stages. The team, which injected the first volunteers last week, also said earlier this month that large-scale production capacity was in place and that the first batch could produce millions of doses.

Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca’s chief executive, said: “It’s definitely a risk to launch this vaccine, but now it’s time to take it. We are facing a terrible crisis and urgently need solutions. “

Although the company is not a major player in vaccine development, it has substantial funding and a huge research budget of 5 billion pounds. Mr Soriot said AstraZeneca’s partnership with Oxford University planned to produce 100m doses by the end of the year, giving priority to supply in the UK.

However, the European Expert Technical Advisory Group, which advises the World Health Organization (WHO), is cautious about this recommendation.