Preview version shows Windows 10 20H2 is still only a minor update

Earlier reports said Microsoft had apparently decided to release a major update and a minor update in 2020. Considering that the first two major Windows 10 feature updates have all turned over to varying degrees, there has been unnecessary disruption to users, especially those who don’t know the technology. Later changes to Windows 10’s operating system upgrades may be a relief to many administrators and consumers.

Preview version shows Windows 10 20H2 is still only a minor update

As we reported earlier this year, the Windows 10 20H2 update will be about the same as the previous 19H2 update, without adding any significant new features. It’s worth noting that there will be some improvements and small new features in this update, but there are no major features.

This is confirmed by the latest preview of Windows 10 20H2, previously released through test channels, with fewer new features in the latest preview, just changes in the default app settings and Your Phone apps, such as improved UI. On the other hand, the current world health crisis has affected the launch of the Windows 10 2020 update, and it is unclear whether Microsoft will delay the launch of the Windows 10 20H2 update for this reason.

If 20H2 is a small update, does this mean that in the future Microsoft will update Windows 10 twice a year, provide new features, and then fix them? Perhaps even Microsoft itself doesn’t know the answer to this question.

The Windows team plans to release Windows 10 20H2 later this year as a small update. The so-called “secondary update” does not mean that there is no change at all. Microsoft, for example, is currently testing changes to how Windows volume control works, and these changes may be announced along with the 20H2 update.

Microsoft is also making major changes to Windows 10’s Start menu. This UI fix probably won’t be included in 20H2. The start menu and other UI changes will be previewed later this year, but consumers won’t see it until 2021, and most of the changes, including the new Action Center, will be unveiled on Windows 10X first.