Users gave OneDrive a piece of advice six years ago Microsoft: This year

Domestic cloud disk all kinds of pits, either the problem of fees, or is the service problem, in fact, Microsoft’s OneDriver disk is still very good, is a bit slow domestic speed. Six years ago, Microsoft was proposed to OneDrive to improve incremental synchronization, and now Microsoft has finally done it.

For the average person, incremental backup/upload ingress is not a problem, but for office and enterprise users, incremental backup is a must-have feature, OneDrive disk itself is positioned in the direction of productivity, no incremental backup is not possible.

Users gave OneDrive a piece of advice six years ago Microsoft: This year

Back in August 2014, users in the official community suggested that Microsoft add incremental synchronization to oneDrive, which he said would be a major improvement, meaning that transferring files requires less data, takes less time, and uses more bandwidth.

Six years later, on April 24, 2020, Microsoft officials responded to the post, bringing good news – the personal and commercial versions of OneDrive’s web disk signed up to support incremental synchronization, and everyone “had a good time.”

If it is the work needs to use the cloud disk, then OneDrive is actually better than the domestic Baidu net disk or something, especially with Office 365, the purchase of a year will give away 1TB of OneDrive disk, now has incremental backup, synchronization function, worth a war.