WHO: Discussions will be held with the US to increase access to Redsey when confirmation is valid

After Ridsiewe obtained an emergency use authorization from the FDA, WHO began to look at the availability of the potentially effective drug for the treatment of the new crown. May 4 (UPI) — The World Health Organization said Monday it will discuss with the U.S. government and Gilead Sciences how the antiviral drug remdesivir can be more widely available to treat new coronary pneumonia, CNBC reported.

WHO: Discussions will be held with the US to increase access to Redsey when confirmation is valid

Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s Health Emergency Program, said at a WHO news conference that recent U.S. government-led clinical trials have shown that Redciewe is effective in accelerating recovery in patients with new coronary pneumonia, and that the data is welcome. Ryan also said it was a sign of hope that it could be used to treat new coronary pneumonia.

“We will be talking to Gilead and the U.S. government to see how more data can be made on the effectiveness of the drug,” Ryan said, according to Reuters. “

Earlier, on April 29th, The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director, Fauci, said Redsiewe had shown efficacy in a randomized double-blind controlled trial of NIAID that could moderate the speed of recovery for people infected with the new coronavirus.

The trial recruited 1,063 patients with new coronary pneumonia from several countries around the world. Preliminary results showed that the median recovery time in the Redcywe treatment group was 11 days, while the median recovery time in the placebo-controlled group was 15 days.

“Speeding up recovery time by 30 percent doesn’t sound as attractive as a 100 percent cure. “But this is very important evidence because it has been shown that Redciewe can block the new coronavirus. “

On May 1, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the antiviral drug remdesivir, which is still under study, to treat patients with suspected or confirmed new coronary pneumonia, including adults and children.

The FDA said that while little information is known about the safety and efficacy of using Redciewe to treat new coronary pneumonia, the drug has been shown in a clinical trial to shorten the recovery time of some patients.

“Emergency use authorization opens a path for us to provide emergency use of Ridsywe for more patients with severe corolla,” said Daniel O’Day, chairman and chief executive officer of Gilead Sciences, according to Gilead’s website. “

Gilead said Gilead has donated all of its existing available supplies, including finished and unfinished products, to help address the emergency medical needs caused by the global pandemic. Based on a 10-day course of treatment, 1.5 million doses of Ridsiewe donated by Gilead, after this emergency use authorization and potential lying authorization and regulatory approval, will be able to provide patients with the equivalent of more than 140,000 treatments free of charge. Gilead will continue to support clinical trials, as well as Redsey’s expanded accessible and sympathetic use programs. In addition, Gilead will use a variety of independent data sources to track the incidence and severity of the outbreak in order to continuously assess the distribution of global supply.

Gilead also significantly expands production capacity and complements in-house production through partnerships with partners in North America, Europe and Asia. The company aims to produce at least 500,000 courses by October and 1 million by December 2020 and millions more by 2021 if needed.