Mozilla Firefox 76 is now available for download

The new version of Mozilla Firefox 76 is already available for download and is expected to be updated in detail later today. According to Mozilla’s release schedule, Firefox 76 is expected to go live on May 5, though the company has already placed it in the server’s stable version of the catalog.

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Mozilla Firefox 76 is now available for download

So if you want to upgrade Mozilla as soon as possible to officially launch a new browser, you can upgrade it yourself now, and users of the Beta channel can upgrade themselves through the About Firefox page.

Although we haven’t had an official release note yet, we know that Firefox 76 is expected to make several important changes because it has been pushed to all supported platforms as part of the beta version.

For example, Mozilla began to support the master password feature, which protects all other passwords saved in the browser, which has previously appeared on Windows and macOS, and Linux may get it at a later time.

In addition, the new browser has made improvements to Lockwise Password Manager, which should help you better protect your account, and if any of the passwords you save are exposed after they have been cracked, the new Firefox browser will now display a warning instructing you to modify it.

The new Firefox password manager can also generate more secure passwords when creating new accounts, just like third-party password managers, but given that they are natively integrated, many users may find it more convenient to use this alone.

Like all other updates, Firefox 76 brings other improvements, including picture-in-picture mode, WebRender and other improvements, and of course performance improvements and bug fixes.