Alleged lying to China CEO Response: Zoom is an American company

Last month, Citizen Lab security researchers released a report,media reported. Zoom transferred some calls to China, the researchers said in the report. Zoom later confirmed that the company had mistakenly answered the calls. After this incident, Zoom is now offering customers a choice of data centers to choose.

Alleged lying to China CEO Response: Zoom is an American company

Despite Zoom’s clarification, the company was pointed out to have ties to China. Today, the Zoom CEO explains his relationship with China as follows:

I became a U.S. citizen in July 2007;

I have lived happily in the United States since 1997;

Zoom is a U.S. company founded in California, headquartered in Delaware, listed on NASDAQ;

Zoom is also a global company with 21 offices around the world, including the UK, Australia, Japan, France and elsewhere. More than half of our employees work in the United States;

Like many multinational technology companies, Zoom also has operations and employees in China. Like many multinational technology companies, our offices in China are run by subsidiaries of u.S. parent companies. Our engineers are hired through these subsidiaries. There is no concealment. On the contrary, we will appropriately disclose such information in our public documents. Our business in China is essentially similar to that of our U.S. counterparts operating and having employees in China;

China has one of our 17 global data centers. The data centre is operated by a leading Australian company. It is designed to ensure that meeting data for users outside mainland China is not accessed by users outside mainland China. It exists primarily to meet our Fortune 500 customers, who have business or customers in China and want to use our platform to connect with them.