MediaTek releases Helio G85 with 1GHz GPU and HyperEngine improvements

Today, MediaTek released its latest chipset Helio G85 for gaming applications. It is positioned under the G90 series, released in July, and the G85 combines 1GHz ARM Mali-G52 GPU with new HyperEngine improvements to achieve higher game performance in the same class. HyperEngine can be dynamically managed between CPU, GPU, and memory, such as power- and thermal-sensitive.

MediaTek releases Helio G85 with 1GHz GPU and HyperEngine improvements

Of course, the G85 will be more fluid in heavy game engines or complex scenarios, with two 2GHz Cortex-A75 cores and six 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 cores on the CPU side.

“MediaTek is expanding our Helio G-Series to provide device manufacturers with more options to design smartphones that offer an elite gaming experience,” said Dr. Yanzhi Li, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek Wireless Business Unit. “The Helio G85 combines impressive performance, extremely low power consumption and a range of other game enhancements to allow users to enjoy a fast, fluid gaming experience. “

Of course, game improvements aren’t the only feature of this chipset. The G85 will also provide better AI performance in object recognition, scene detection, etc., with sensors from the camera array supporting up to 48 megapixels and video recording up to 240fps. It also has inertial navigation to detect accurate positions even without a signal.

MediaTek has not said when it will launch a device with a new chipset, but it is likely later this year.