Mozilla will publish mail aliases to protect users’ mailboxes from spam

Mozilla is testing a new feature that protects your primary email address from scams, spam and general harassment. The company has announced a service called Firefox Private Relay that generates unique e-mail addresses so you don’t have to disclose your real address to the website when you fill out a form.

Mozilla will publish mail aliases to protect users' mailboxes from spam

This experimental feature is an additional feature of Firefox, where users can fill out web forms with a “unique, random, anonymous” email address by simply clicking on the Private Relay button in the browser. Mozilla then forwards messages to alias addresses to your real inbox.

The idea behind this feature is that if an alias address is shared by advertisers or becomes part of a data breach and ends up in the hands of spammers, it can easily be disabled or deleted.

Currently, Private Relay is only an alpha version that can only be accessed when invited. Mozilla said it would soon add a test team to and expect to launch the service later this year.

While spam filters do capture a lot of spam, there are some spam that still highlights the re-enactment, and while users can usually unsubscribe from the mailing list, it can sometimes be cumbersome, when simply deleting the mail alias is a simpler option.