Microsoft announces 2020 plan to confirm new console and Halo: Infinity won’t be delayed

Microsoft has just announced its plans for 2020 on its website, confirming plans to release its new Xbox Series X and debut game Halo: Infinity over the Christmas holidays this year.

In addition, Microsoft announced plans to:

All 15 first-party studios are working to develop next-generation games for Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass

The world’s best development teams are working hard to land their games on next-generation console Xbox Series X

For PC players, Microsoft plans to get all future first-party shows to be on the PC’s Xbox Game Pass service at the start of the season, including Halo: Infinity, Waste Land 3, My World: Dungeon, Microsoft Flight Simulation and other games.

Xbox Game Pass consoles and PC will have new games to join

Expanding the cloud game Project xCloud to new countries and new devices, Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass will be combined later this year to get you and your friends to play together in more ways

From The Inside Xbox program on May 7th and until the end of 2020, Microsoft will show off the news of the new Xbox Series X every month, a campaign that Microsoft has named Xbox 20/20.

Microsoft announces 2020 plan to confirm new console and Halo: Infinity won't be delayed

Xbox official snuth announces that domestic players can watch from Station B on May 7

This could be the Xbox Series series console boot animation and sound video:

Microsoft also singled out the May 7 live broadcast, the first event of the Xbox 20/20 program. Microsoft said it would show for the first time at the event the next-generation gameplay, trailers and pre-emptive displays of a large number of publisher partners and independent development teams. Games that support their Smart Delivery features will also be announced. Microsoft says the games they’re showing will be optimized for next-generation consoleXbox Series X, which means they take advantage of XSX’s powerful features to make the game look incredible, including 4K resolution/up to 120 frames per second, DirectStorage, hardware-accelerated DX-ray chase, ultra-fast load times and more.

In July, Microsoft will feature games from first-party studios, which will feature Games optimized for Xbox Series X, as well as new games.