From i9 to Celeron: Intel Ten Core has 12 new products

Intel has released up to 32 10-generation desktop-class Core processors in one go, ranging from the top-of-the-line Core i9 to entry-level Celeron, and four new chipsets simultaneously as the interface becomes LGA1200. Starting this month, the new platform will be on the market, the first to arrive is six K series overclockable version, KF series non-test-free display overclocking version, as well as the Z490 motherboard.

DFI, once a big red in DIY and now focused on industrial PCs and embedded systems, has leaked intel’s new batch of products in a document, certainly not consumer-grade.

From i9 to Celeron: Intel Ten Core has 12 new products

The first is 6 to e-strong Borui version, including 2 10 core, 2 8 core, 2 6 core, thermal design power consumption has 80W, 35W two, of which 35W of course similar to the T-series energy-saving version, but 80W is the first time to see, apparently specifically designed for workstations.

This is followed by 12 Cores, including 2 10 Core i9-10900E/10900TE, 2 8 Core i7-10700E/10700TE, 2 6 Core i5-10500E/10500TE, 2 Model 4 core i3-10100E/10100TE, 2 core Pentium G6400E/G6400TE, 2 2 core Celeron G5900E/G5900TE, thermal design power E 65W, TE 35W.

They correspond one-to-one to the consumer model, and the E-letter suffix at the end generally represents an embedded product, which may support ECC memory error checking, which is one of the required features of the workstation.

They come with two chipsets, w480E and Q470E, all of which are also specialized embedded versions.

Interestingly, however, the new platform interface marked in the DFI documentation is the LGA1151, not the new LGA1200, which is clearly a stroke, and Intel cannot use a different interface on the workstation.