Microsoft’s Xbox Series X First-Party Game to be released around July

Microsoft has done a good job of communicating with Xbox X this time, confirming that it will release a video on Inside Xbox on May 7 dedicated to xSX’s gaming issues, which also include a live-action show called Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of the Spirit. Officials have also promised that the first-party studio will reveal some new content. In a new post on Xbox Wire, of course, Microsoft confirmed that a specific first-party game presentation will take place in July.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X First-Party Game to be released around July

“In July, we’ll spend all our time introducing the exciting new games at Xbox Game Studios. Many of our studio teams are looking forward to sharing new game content, new insights from the development team that is optimizing for Xbox X, and the announcement of a new game lineup. We can’t wait to share with you what these teams are doing. “

Of course, it’s worth noting that Xbox 20/20 will be launched this month and will showcase “the future of the Xbox camp, new content every month.” “The announcements for Xbox Game Pass, xCloud, Xbox Game Studios and Xbox X will be included here. We can also learn more about which games will use smart delivery features. Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of the Spirit, which will debut on May 7, will also feature.