Mozilla Firefox 76 Officially Released For Better Password Protection

One of the highlights of the release of Firefox 76 is the increased protection of online account logins and passwords. The new version also introduces the Picture-in-Picture feature, where small windows play video so that users can multitask in different applications.

Firefox also now supports Audio Worklets, which allows for more complex audio processing in VR and web games. The feature also enables users to enter Zoom meetings directly from Firefox without the need for a client download.

In addition, The WebRender on the Windows side is now used by default on a small screen on an Intel laptop, which can be used to improve graphics rendering.

Firefox displays a critical alert in Lockwise Password Manager when a website is exposed to risk

Firefox prompts users to update their password sits if an account is involved on a website that is at risk and the same password is used on other sites

Firefox automatically generates secure, complex passwords for new accounts that can be easily saved in a browser

You can now easily access and view saved passwords under Login and Password under the main menu, and if the user does not set a master password for Firefox, Windows and macOS now need to sign in to the operating system account before you can display the saved password

Mozilla Firefox 76 Officially Released For Better Password Protection

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