Google’s new AI search tool helps scientists study new coronavirus

Google has launched a new search tool to help scientists and researchers more easily discover information about the new corona virus,media reported. COVID-19 Research Explorer is known to use Semantic Search, a technique that uses artificial intelligence to show meaningful results, and has found more than 50,000 journal articles and preprints in the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.

Keith Hall, a Research Scientist at Google, wrote in a blog post On Monday that while traditional search engines can provide real-time information about neo-coronaviruses, such as the number of confirmed cases in the United States, it is difficult to understand what lies behind research-driven queries.

Google's new AI search tool helps scientists study new coronavirus

“When a user asks an initial question, the tool not only returns a set of papers (as is traditional search), but also highlights fragments of the paper that might answer questions,” Hall wrote. “

Google says the tool also includes a unique feature that lets researchers see their preliminary results

You can ask up to two follow-up questions. The company also said the tool would be available to the research community in the short term, but did not provide a specific duration.