Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

Where is the first case of infection in the global outbreak of the new corona? Recently, the United States, France, Italy and other countries have experts pointed out that the new coronavirus infection cases found in advance. The first case refers to the case in an outbreak in line with the definition of the case, the earliest case of the disease, it is the entire outbreak can be traced the starting point, but not necessarily the earliest source of infection of the previous outbreak.

United States: Earliest infection may be in October last year

On May 4, local time, Guan Yulian, a member of the Canadian and Royal Academy of Internal Sciences and director of the Canadian Medical Experts Coordination Committee to Combat the New Coronavirus, said, “The earliest infection in the United States may have been in October last year.”

Officials in Santa Clara County, Northern California, u.S. officials revealed on April 21, local time, the coroner’s autopsy of the three bodies, all of which had flu-like symptoms, died at home on February 6, February 17 and March 6, respectively, an autopsy found that all three victims were infected with the new coronavirus. Sara Cody, a public health official at the site, said the autopsy results indicated that the bodies of the three victims were believed to have spread widely in the area at the time of their deaths.

“None of the three patients in California who died from the new coronavirus have been to China, ” the Washington Post reported, citing local health officials. The investigation found that the new corona rye outbreak in the United States occurred much earlier than officially announced.

France: Cases have occurred by the end of December

Yves Cohen, head of the critical care department at two hospitals in the province of Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, said on May 3rd that there had been confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in France at least by the end of December.

His team retested PCR serologically samples of nucleic acid tests taken between December and January last year, and found that one of the cases showed positive retests of COVID-19.

The Pasteur Institute genetically sequenced and compared 97 samples of the new French coronavirus collected between 24 January and 24 March, and compared 338 viral genetic sequences published by the Global Shared Influenza Data Initiative to create a map of the virus’s evolutionary tree. By comparison, the new coronavirus circulating in France comes from the evolutionary branch of a virus that has been circulating on the mainland.

Italy: Doctors saw the virus last October

Giuseppe Remuzzi, a leading Italian medical expert, said some of the first family doctors had seen the virus in October, November and December, so it had been around for a long time. “This means that the virus was at least spreading in northern Lombardy, Italy, before we knew about the outbreak in China. “

On April 30, local time, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a statement on its official website, saying it “agrees with the broad consensus of the scientific community that the new coronavirus is not man-made and has not been genetically modified”.

As for the “evidence that the United States has been looking for to support the origin of the epidemic”, experts, authorities and academic journals in the field have recently conducted a hard-core “disinformation” to take a look at


· WHO spokesman Fadla Shaib said: “All known evidence suggests that the new coronavirus originated in animals (most likely from bats) rather than being manually intervened or manufactured by laboratories.

· 4, local time, in response to U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said the new coronary pneumonia virus from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, WHO Health Emergency Program technical director Maria Van Cohoff said that the coronavirus generally spread in bats, about 15,000 complete virus genetic sequences are currently showing the new coronary pneumonia virus is non-artificial.

Michael Ryan, head of WHO’s health emergency programme, said WHO had not received evidence from the US that the virus had come from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, which was speculative from WHO’s point of view.

Medical Research Institute

· A team at the Scripps Institute in the United States said in an article that “if a virus is to be manufactured in a laboratory, it must rely on the backbone of a known virus to develop it, but the study found that the backbone of the new coronavirus is different from that of any known human virus.”

· On March 26, local time, Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, cited and defended the findings of an international team of researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health after comparing open genomic data on several coronaviruses: “The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is naturally occurring.”

Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

· On April 28th the Pasteur Institute, a French non-profit research centre, released a report saying that the new coronavirus, which is spreading in France, did not originate in China. Before the global outbreak, French strains may have spread locally.

Experts and scholars

·  On April 25, local time, someone on the American social platform posted that Nobel Prize-winning medical prize and Japanese professor of medicine, Ben Yu, said that the new coronavirus is not “natural” formation, but “developed in China”, and that Professor Ben Yu has worked at the Wuhan Institute.

Professor Ben yu then issued a statement refuting the false and grossly misleading post: “I am deeply saddened by the use of my name by certain disinformation eludists to spread slander and misleading information.”  We should do our best to focus on outbreak control and treatment, and it is highly inappropriate to spread unproven conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus at this time to distract the public.  “

As for saying that he worked at the Wuhan Institute, Yunyun, it is a gimmick.

· Anthony Fauci, a top Infectious Disease expert in the United States and director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, also said the virus’s genes prove to be transmitted from animals to humans, not artificially modified from a laboratory.

Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

“Every time a new virus appears in humans, there is always a claim that it comes from a laboratory, ” says Dasak, an expert on global pandemics.

· On March 18, Robert Garry, a virologist at Tulane University in the United States, presented his team’s study of the origin of the new coronavirus: “This is not a biological weapon, this is a product of nature.” We don’t know how long the virus has survived in humans, maybe for months, maybe years, or even decades, and eventually a small mutation that allows it to spread faster. There must be some cases in Wuhan, but by no means the source of the virus. “

Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

Now, more and more countries are finding cases without a history of Exposure to China. For example, in California, there were no travel histories in the worst-hit areas of the epidemic and no known cases of new coronary pneumonia; the two first confirmed patients in Iran had no history of travel to China; and a Japanese man who had returned from a trip to Hawaii and had not visited China in the short term.

· Jonah Mazette, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Davis, said the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia is highly unlikely to stem from laboratory leaks for four main reasons:

1, laboratory samples and the new coronavirus does not match.

2, the laboratory to implement strict security protocols.

3, the new coronavirus is a zoonotic disease outbreak of a new virus.

4, ordinary people are more likely than researchers to be exposed to live viruses.

Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

· On April 28th Christopher Koch, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Research Department, and Ken Okamura, a researcher at the Syd School of Business at Oxford University, jointly published a paper that said that the distribution of live-action outbreaks in China was consistent with Ben Ford’s law and that there was no possibility of manipulation.

Authoritative Journals

· An analysis of the public genetic sequences of new coronaviruses and related viruses found: “There is no evidence that the virus was manufactured in the lab or designed by others,” ScienceDaily reported recently.

Many countries the earliest infection time ahead, but this matter of global experts think incredible

ScienceDaily: The Natural Origin of the COVID-19 Virus

WHO Director-General Tan Desai has long warned that using the outbreak as a political score is like playing with fire, “if you don’t want to see more body bags, stop politicizing the outbreak”. In the moment of anti-epidemic, there is time to concoct viral conspiracy theories, it is better to work together to prevent and control, save more lives.

Source: CCTV, Newscast, Health Times