Australia’s wildfires raging, experts say it ‘matches’ global warming

Eastern Australia has been ravaged by wildfires, sydney is located in New South Wales on the 11th into a seven-day state of emergency. Australian fire expert David Bowman told Xinhua in an interview on the 12th, this year since the beginning of spring in Australia has seen the scale of forest fires unprecedented, he believes that these fires and global warming is “consistent.”

Australia's wildfires raging, experts say it 'matches' global warming

This is the over-fire woodland (right) near Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, on November 11.  Xinhua News Agency Photo

Bowman is director of the Fire Research Centre at the University of Tasmania in Australia and has over 40 years of experience in fire research. ‘It’s a traditional forest fire season in Australia, and some people may think there’s nothing special about forest fires, as well as strong winds, high temperatures and dry climates, so if you look at these climate conditions alone, people will find it hard to be evidence of climate change,’ Bowman told reporters.

Bowman said that while it was not surprising that these severe weather conditions were seen separately, the simultaneous occurrence of a variety of extreme weather events, accompanied by the frequency of forest fires of this magnitude, showed a change in Australia’s climate patterns. Bowman said firefighters are most concerned about the speed at which the fires spread, which can spread faster and jump faster in high winds and prolonged extreme dryconditioning conditions.

According to Bowman, it’s worth noting that forest fires are now happening in the area around Australia’s rainforests. This area is usually very wet and less prone to fire, but there are now signs that forest fires have occurred in tropical rainforests last year due to prolonged extreme dry weather, and it is now repeating what happened last year. He said it was unusual for such wildfires to be rare, but now they are the norm.

Mr Bowman said there were now a rare previously rare ash storm in Queensland’s forest fire zone, a “blizzard” of millions of burning Martians, posing a major threat to homes. There are vast desert slots in the heart of Australia, where the huge amounts of hot air produced in extreme lyginally dry conditions could cause ash storms to appear in populated areas on Australia’s east and west coasts as they move towards the periphery, as well as contaminating water sources in populated areas.

Bowman warned that Australia was vulnerable to the current extreme weather and that bushfires in Australia this summer could cause unprecedented loss of life and property, given the current prolonged drought and other adverse weather conditions.

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