Disney streaming service Disney Plus has more than 54.5 million users worldwide

Disney announced on its quarterly earnings call Tuesday that its streaming service, Disney Plus, now has 54.5 million subscribers worldwide,media reported. That means Disney has added 4.5 million since April 8 thitt out when it said Disney had 50 million users. The number of users has grown to nearly 55 million in the past six months, when Disney Plus launched in November.

Disney streaming service Disney Plus has more than 54.5 million users worldwide

Earlier this year, the surge in Disney Plus subscribers came from services in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Switzerland and India, but the service has also improved as everyone is “taking refuge in place” and working from home.

The 54.5 million subscribers far exceeded Disney’s growth expectations for Disney Plus. When the service is launched, Disney estimates that the number of users worldwide will reach 60 million to 90 million by the end of 2024, but at its current rate of growth, Disney is expected to reach that target this year.

Apple doesn’t offer the number of apple TV plus users, so it can’t compare directly with Disney Plus. Apple has been offering a year’s free service to everyone who buys a new Apple device, so it will take a while for it to have a large number of paying users.

Disney has a big advantage over Apple TV Plus because Disney has a more mature content catalog. “The Mandalorians” is the focus of Disney’s premiere, and it has more attention than any of Apple’s TV shows, including The Morning Show, Dickinson, See and For All Man.

Disney lost about $1 billion in revenue in March due to the closure of Disney’s theme parks around the world, despite steady user growth.