Microsoft launches $1 billion investment plan in Poland to support businesses with cloud services

Microsoft today announced a $1 billion investment plan in Poland. Microsoft plans to open a new data center area in Poland to support start-ups, businesses and governments with enterprise-level cloud services. In addition, Microsoft has signed a cooperation agreement with Chmura Krajowa, a local Polish technology company, to provide cloud computing solutions to all industries and businesses in Poland.

Microsoft launches $1 billion investment plan in Poland to support businesses with cloud services

Photo from the Microsoft Blog

“I am confident that Microsoft’s investment in Poland will be important to businesses, public institutions and the education system, and will enable them to transform and implement new standards of work,” said Mateusz Morawiecki, Microsoft’s manager in Poland. Our main objective is to accelerate Poland’s becoming a technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe”.

According tomedia MSPowerUser’s combing of the investment plan, the main content sits

Microsoft aims to empower approximately 150,000 business employees and IT professionals, educators, students, and citizens to support the digital transformation of businesses.

The skills development program will include training, e-learning programs, workshops, and hacker salons in areas such as cloud computing, AI and machine learning, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The program will pave the way for local businesses, start-ups, and organizations to take full advantage of the potential of cloud computing while maintaining the highest standards of network security, data retention, and compliance, especially those with special data storage and processing requirements.

The new cloud data center region joins Microsoft’s global cloud computing regional layout, the total number of cloud computing regions announced has been 59, Microsoft Azure has been launched in more than 140 countries and regions, the new cloud data center region will provide enterprises with local access to Microsoft’s full suite of cloud services, these services are based on trust.