5-year-old bear boy driving on high-speed car was trying to buy a Lamborghini.

Bear children are not only unique in the country, but are also “unique species” that exist around the world, and often come to the attention of the public for doing things that scare the public. A police officer in western Utah stopped a car that appeared to be in trouble while patrolling a highway,media reported. To the police’s surprise, there was only a five-year-old boy driver in the car.

The Utah Highway Patrol said Friday that the boy told police he ran away from home after an argument with his mother because his mother didn’t buy him a Lamborghini, so he decided to drive himself to California to buy a car. However, the boy may not have enough money because he carries only three dollars.

5-year-old bear boy driving on high-speed car was trying to buy a Lamborghini.

The Highway Patrol later released a dashcam of the boy driving the SUV, and video showed the 5-year-old driving his parent’s SUV through high-speed traffic.

However, when the patrol man drove past the car, he found “unusual” because the boy was too small to see the driver’s head from the rear window, so the siren stopped the car.

The high-speed patrol said that when they found the boy, he had driven away from the home for 3 to 5 kilometers. Later, after contacting the boy’s family, the family said the boy’s brother and sister fell asleep while he was in charge of him, and the boy took the keys to the SUV from the home.

Fortunately, however, the five-year-old boy was not injured or caused property damage during his short journey while “driving” to buy a Lamborghini.