Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee In-lee will publicly apologize for group misconduct

BEIJING, May 6 (UPI) — Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jong-un will apologize to the public for his previous misdeeds to help him “inherit” his father, Lee Kin-hee, as chairman of samsung group, according tomedia reports. On Monday, senior Samsung sources and South Korean media said they expected Vice Chairman Lee To-Lee to make a public apology before the group’s external compliance oversight committee set a final date of May 11.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee In-lee will publicly apologize for group misconduct


An anonymous source said: “To be honest, a lot of the situation is still under constant review. But one possible option is for the vice chairman to read the prepared statement and apologize to the public. The timing of an apology is important, and if the vice chairman does so before the deadline, it should have an impact. Seriously, I think the results will be very positive. “

Asked about any possible apology details, a company spokesman replied: “As we have repeatedly stated before, Samsung is handling this issue very carefully and wants to address it once and for all.” We will issue a statement when necessary. “

The External Compliance Oversight Committee had previously set a deadline, but Samsung Electronics later asked the committee to extend the deadline until May 11, citing the new corona virus outbreak. After setting up the internal committee, Samsung said it would strictly follow the recommendations of the internal committee to improve transparency in the management of the group as a whole. The internal committee recommended that Mr. Li apologize for the alleged involvement of group executives in Mr. Li’s succession and the group’s anti-union activities.

Another source familiar with Samsung’s internal situation said Mr. Lee would not ask for a deadline. “I think the recent landslide victory of the ruling party in the general election is a major reason. Thanks to this victory, President Wen will be hoping to get the leaders of large conglomerates to get the current weak economy back on track,” he said.

Sources agreed that if the vice-chairman was willing to apologize, it would help persuade Mr Wen’s supporters to step up their efforts to improve South Korea’s current economy in the face of Samsung’s “important role”. In addition, President Wen and Tsing Watai are also very positive about Samsung’s role in the trade dispute between South Korea and Japan.