Microsoft announces opening of New Zealand’s first data center area

Microsoft today announced plans to open its first local data centre region in New Zealand, following yesterday’s announcement of a $1bn investment plan in Poland and the opening of a new data centre area. This new data center area will enable Microsoft to better deliver enterprise-class services to New Zealand start-ups, businesses and government agencies. Microsoft will also support education and training programs to increase future employment opportunities for young people in New Zealand.

Microsoft announces opening of New Zealand's first data center area

Photo from the Microsoft Blog

Vanessa Sorenson, managing director of Microsoft New Zealand, said: “This significant investment in New Zealand’s digital infrastructure is an affirmation of New Zealand’s extraordinary spirit of innovation and a reflection of how we can help the country push the limits. The Digital Evolution Index of the Fletcher School describes New Zealand as a ‘stand-out country’ that shows the world what the future holds. I believe this investment will help accelerate our digital evolution. “