Microsoft xiaobing creates a unique, exclusive scarf for you: 10 of 26 square patterns

On May 6, the Microsoft xiaobing team of Masterbusiness Silk and Microsoft Internet Engineering Institute announced that the customized design and retail platform “West Lake One” has been completed and has been officially launched at all retail stores in Hangzhou. The platform can realize the real-time communication between AIxiaobing and consumers, according to the characteristics of consumers to customize the design and production of one-on-one scarves, in order to meet the personalized needs of each consumer at the same time greatly reduce the operating costs of manufacturing and retail enterprises.

At present, thousands of consumers have obtained and purchased custom-made scarves designed by the Mastercard store retail interactive screen during the trial period.

In “West Lake One”, through one-on-one online communication and dialogue with consumers guide, Microsoft xiaobing will interpret each consumer’s inner world, combined with insights into the latest trends, and ultimately for each consumer to customize a different silk scarf design. With an exclusive scarve design, consumers can choose to continue communicating with xiaobing, add their favorite color schemes or design elements to optimize the design, or order a satisfactory scarf directly.

Supported by Universal Flexible Production, this unique, custom silk scarf will be produced within 48 hours of the consumer’s order and delivered home.

Microsoft xiaobing creates a unique, exclusive scarf for you: 10 of 26 square patterns

In the field of pattern design, relying on artificial intelligence creation technology, Microsoft xiaobing can stabilize the design of a variety of mainstream styles, and achieve on-demand creation, its design diversity of 10 26 times.

In September 2019, Microsoft Xiaobing, with “Silk Road” and “Universal Tongqing” as inspiration, designed the “Most Beautiful Light in My Eyes”, “The Universe with gold in my arms”, “Dream and The Encounter of Brilliance” three silk scarves, which combine abstraction with image, modernity and tradition, history and technology. The three silk scarf gift boxes, produced by Masterley, have been sold out in limited quantities worldwide in 2019 copies.