Hammer brother reveals ‘Amazing Rescue’ viewers 90 million are set to make sequel

Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix action drama “Amazing Rescue” is planning a sequel, according tomedia reports, and is already in development: the first screenwriter and producer Joe Russell (Avengers 4) has signed up to write a screenplay for the sequel. “Amazing Rescue 1” only went live on Netflix on April 24, but Hemsworth revealed that from the launch to last weekend the film was estimated to reach 90 million (Netflix did not make public), is expected to become the most watched movie in Netflix history.

Hammer brother reveals 'Amazing Rescue' viewers 90 million are set to make sequel

“Amazing Rescue”

“Rescue” by Sam Hargreaves (Captain America 2, 3, “War Wolf 2”), the director’s debut (the sequel he is also expected to return), David Haber (“Stranger Things”), Gershfi Farahani (Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Plum Chicken), Landip Hongda (Sudan), Manojj Bapayee (The Warp Gang) also stars in a black-and-white war with the drug dealer And a little boy in it becomes a piece of chess, trapped by the kidnappers in one of the world’s most unbreakable cities. The matter caught the attention of Taylor Lake. He is a physical and mental person, there is nothing to lose, he has the desire to die, but also attracted by this already fatal task.