Tesla to build its own battery plant Model 3 may save another $4,000

Tesla, the world’s top-selling all-electric car company, has also spent heavily on batteries. But to further reduce the cost of power batteries, Tesla has its own plans to build batteries. Tesla has signed an order with South Korea’s Hanwha Group for battery-making equipment to produce its own powered batteries. As one of the most expensive components of electric cars, the fall in battery costs will give car companies more profit margins.

That’s why Tesla and Panasonic are at odds over battery prices, and Tesla wants Panasonic to further lower the price of batteries, but Panasonic’s concessions are limited. Meanwhile, while Panasonic still supplies batteries to Tesla, Tesla is also looking for more partners around the world.

Tesla to build its own battery plant Model 3 may save another $4,000Tesla to build its own battery plant Model 3 may save another $4,000

And it’s not the first time that Tesla’s self-made battery plant has been revealed, as early as February, when Tesla officially launched its Roadrunner power-powered battery production program, which is based at its plant in the Fremont Desert in the United States.

Tesla says the tesla-powered battery will cost as little as $100/kWh after it is scaled up. Panasonic’s current power battery costs about $111/kWh, compared with $150/kWh for the Ningde-era power battery, according to ubs, an investment firm.

That means the cost of the car will fall further after Tesla completes mass production of its batteries. Take the domestic standard battery version model 3 for example, equipped with a 52kWh power battery pack, compared to panasonic batteries, using Tesla batteries, the cost can save more than 572 Dollars (about 4000 yuan).

In addition, When it comes to re-battery manufacturing, Tesla has a good tech reserve. Last month, Tesla filed a new patent to use a new battery lithium process to make battery-electric stages that can dramatically improve battery performance. According to the patent, the battery’s life can support the entire vehicle to travel more than 1.6 million kilometers.