Blizzard President: World of Warcraft has become a “modern game” socially good

Recently, blizzard’s former president thought MMORPG, including World of Warcraft, was less social, but Blizzard’s current president didn’t think so. Blizzard’s current president, J. “World of Warcraft was lucky to be designed as a very social game, as it was when the game was released,” Allen Brack said on Activision’s earnings conference call.

Over time, we’ve been listening to feedback from the community, the game has evolved into a so-called ‘modern game’, and we’ve expanded the depth and breadth of the game to make it easier for players to find friends, teams, and team up in the game’s social environment to make progress. “

J. Allen Brack says he doesn’t want to argue with former ceo Mike Morhaime what made World of Warcraft such a success, but World of Warcraft isn’t the only part of the social equation that has changed. World of Warcraft was launched in 2004, and the world has changed dramatically since then, and it is a fact that cannot be ignored is that World of Warcraft is still a very successful MMO. J. Allen Brack said: “We observed in March that World of Warcraft and nostalgia were growing faster than ever before, and that this period was not the release phase of the film. “

In addition, despite the outbreak, Allen Brack said the World of Warcraft 9.0 “Shadow Country” feature is expected to be available in the winter of 2020.