LG Velvet to open in South Korea pricing to dig samsung Galaxy S20 corner

Over the past few years, LG seems to have been a little careless about the smartphone market. This year, however, the company’s attitude has finally changed. In addition to revealing interesting details about LG Velvet, the photo and video experience is even available in-store. The latest news is that the price of the machine has also been exposed. If you want to buy a mid- to high-end model next week, consider LG Velvet, which is about to open in Korea.

LG Velvet to open in South Korea pricing to dig samsung Galaxy S20 corner

LG Velvet is understood to be priced at 89.98 million won ($735 / 5219 RMB) in the local market, well below the challenges of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series, but still facing the challenges of models such as Apple’s iPhone SE and One Plus 8.

Interestingly, LG also offers consumers a preferential upgrade policy. Velvet offers a discount of up to 50% if you are willing to trade in a trade-in after 24 months. Given that most people have a two-year change cycle, this may help boost sales of the machine.

LG Velvet – Digital A. A. Invitation (via)

In fact, LG Velvet itself is a very competitive product in terms of quality premium. In addition to the specially designed rear-camera group, the company also provides added value through stylus, dual-screen accessories, etc.

Finally, LG Velvet will start pre-order on May 8 and land in The Korean retail channel on May 15. As for other markets, it may take a few more weeks.