Intel Releases Graphics Drive Update Ready for Windows 10 2004

Intel has just released an update for the DCH graphics driver for Windows devices, and the version number has risen to This release also includes three sets of audio drivers, for six generations of Core, for 7/8/9/10 generation processors, and for tenth-generation Iris Plus cores.

Intel Releases Graphics Drive Update Ready for Windows 10 2004

The new version of Driver doesn’t have much new features, mainly to fix color and brightness issues on the desktop. When Display Energy Saving Technology is enabled and set to the maximum value in Intel Graphics Control Panel, these two parameters may change as the mouse moves.

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In addition to adding support for games such as War Machine: Tactical Squad, Float: Team Chimera, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remake, the announcement lists a series of key improvements for developers:

The driver is now in compliance with the WDDM 2.7 specification;

Support for The DirectX 12 Shader Model 6.5 compiler;

Support for DirectX 12 Machine Learning (DirectML) enhancements;

Support for Dolby Vision;

Support for non-DX APIs in containers;

Support for MFT (third-party hardware encoder) in GPU Para virtualization;

A pre-production version of the OneAPI zero runtime is included.

Even so, version of DCH graphics drive has some known issues:

Occasional problems with streaming Netflix 4K content with HDMI 2.0;

The game may experience intermittent crashes (related to DX12 and Vulkan);

Subtle graphic anomalies (related to DX12) may be observed in Battlefield 5.

It is reported that the new drive can be installed on Intel Core processor platforms over 6 generations (Windows 10 Version 1709 plus) and integrated with the Intel HD Graphics 500 / 505 / 510 core Pentium and Celeron, integrated Intel Intel The UHD Graphics 600 / 605 / 610 core Pentium, integrated Intel HD Graphics P530 / P580 / P630’s Xeon E3-1500M processor product line.