Beef, pork restrictions lead to U.S. “meat shortage”: people go up the hill to hunt

According to CCTV, many meat processing plants in the United States are in a state of shutdown due to frequent outbreaks of concentrated infections, and the supply of meat products is tight. Some of America’s biggest supermarkets have begun restricting the purchase of some of the related goods, while some people have turned to hunting for meat. On April 28th Mr. Trump used the Defense Production Act to require U.S. meat processing plants to continue operating during the outbreak to ensure the supply of meat products. However, the U.S. media in recent days has repeatedly reported the meat processing plant cluster infection.

Tyson Foods, a well-known U.S. meat processor, said Thursday that it will reduce meat production on the basis of continued supply due to a shortage of workers and some employees infected with the new coronavirus, and does not rule out that some factories will shut down to facilitate in-depth disinfection.

Due to tight supplies, some of the largest U.S. supermarket chains have announced restrictions on beef, pork and other meat products.

In response to the “meat shortage”, some Americans began to hunt for meat. Media reported that recently in the United States, Minnesota, New Mexico and other places, the number of applications for hunting permits has increased significantly. Permits for turkey hunting in Indiana have soared by 28%.

According to the Wildlife Department, the number of poaching incidents in Washington state without a hunting permit more than tripled in the month from March 25 to April 26.

As of 17:32 ET on May 5, there were 1201,337 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 70,646 deaths in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.