Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

On the evening of May 6th, Microsoft had just quietly launched a new Surface on its official website, with the attention-sbounding Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 all showing up, and the Surface Book 3 upgrading the 10th generation Core processor with a significant performance boost. Go 2 has a narrow bezel design and a larger screen size.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Because of the new crown outbreak, Microsoft did not hold an offline spring launch this year, but directly on Microsoft’s official blog announced the new information.

This time the new product information volume is relatively large, the Surface family is the main character in the new product. Microsoft has released four new Surface products, including Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Money 2 and Surface Dock 2.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Surface Book 3

Surface Book 3: Upgrade 10 Gen Core Performance Doubles

The Surface Book is Microsoft’s first real laptop, and the series hasn’t been updated for two-and-a-half years, with the last update going back to October 2017, and there’s even talk of surface Book being canceled.

The Overall appearance of the Surface Book 3 was not much changed, mainly due to the upgrade of the hardware configuration, the processor upgraded to Intel’s 10th generation Core, memory can be up to 32GB, storage capacity of up to 1TB, for the fashion design crowd to add the Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card version.

The Surface Book 3 still retains the 13-inch and 15-inch versions, with a Pixel Sense touch display, memory options including 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, and a hard drive with 256GB, 512GB or even 1TB.

The Surface Book 3 processor is regularly upgraded to the Intel Ten Generation Core, which includes the Core i5 10210U and i7 10510U processors, which are also standard in high-end lightweight books. Officials say it’s 50 percent better than the Surface Book 2, has a battery life of up to 17.5 hours and supports WiFi 6.

The biggest change to the Surface Book 3 is on graphics, with the addition of 3000 graphics cards, and The Infiniti Quadro RTX graphics card optimized for many professional applications rather than games.

This means that the Surface Book 3 will expand into a crowd of 3D animators, designers and engineers.

The Surface Book 3 consumer version starts at $12,888.

Surface Go 2: Narrow-bezel design Screen size larger

Surface Go 2 is a portable two-in-one product with a large overall change, with a screen size of 10.5 inches and an increase in screen resolution from 1800 x 1200 to 1920 x 1280, which also means that surface Go 2 has a better screen display. However, the Surface Go 2 screen area remains the same, which means that the larger frame on the original model will be reduced a bit, which is the narrow-frame design that is so popular today. Similar to the Surface Pro 3 to Surface Pro 4, the screen zooms in from 12 inches to 12.3 inches. The upgraded Surface Go 2 is comparable to the iPad Pro in terms of face value.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Surface Go 2

The interface section doesn’t change much, and there’s still a USB Type-C connector, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and charging via Surface Connector.

The Surface Go 2 core configuration includes the LTE version and the WiFi version, where the LTE version features an Intel Core m3-8100Y processor with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. The WiFi version features an Intel Pentium 4425Y processor with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, all pre-installed with Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that The Surface Go 2 also supports WiFi 6, which is consistent with Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Pro 7. Thanks to Intel’s WiFi 6 module chip, Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 will have longer battery life and a more stable network connection.

Microsoft officials say the Surface Go 2 uses a dual microphone solution, Studio Mics, to improve voice clarity and reduce background noise for team meetings or video chats, and uses a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. This time, Microsoft added a new “camera” app to the Surface Go 2’s rear camera that can be used to scan documents and whiteboards.

Surface Go 2 can be selected with a bright platinum, elegant black, Bobby red and ice crystal blue keyboard cover, because the body size has not changed, Surface Go 2 can be used with the previous generation of product keyboard cover. The consumer version of Surface Go 2 starts at $2,988.

Surface headphone 2: Better sound and longer range with new color

At the fall launch in October 2018, Microsoft unveiled its first wireless noise-cancelling headset, Surface Headphones. More than a year later, Surface headphone also ushered in an update, this upgrade is mainly in the sound quality and continued range.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Surface headphone 2 new color scheme

Officials say the Surface Headphones 2 is fully charged and can last up to 20 hours. Active noise reduction adjusts noise reduction levels with ear-mounted dials and enables filtering or enhancing vocal effects.

Microsoft has updated the Surface Headset 2’s earcup design so that the earcup rotates 180 degrees, making it more comfortable to hang the headset around your neck. At the same time, in addition to titanium and white gray color, Microsoft added an elegant black color, surface Headphones 2 sold for 1998 yuan.

Surface Earbuds True Wireless Headphones: Combined with Microsoft 365 Depth price $1,588

The belated Surface Earbuds wireless headphones are finally on sale in China, and like most real wireless headphones, Surface Earbuds will be divided into headset body and charging case, which lasts up to eight hours, and the charging box can provide an extra 16 hours of battery life and charge through the USB-C transmission port.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Surface Earbuds True Wireless Headphones

As Microsoft’s own product ecosystem, Surface Earbuds is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 to improve efficiency at work through voice control. You can use dictation in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint without using a screen, and Surface Ears costs $1,588.

Other accessories: Wait 5 years for surface Dock final update

In Microsoft’s Surface product line, there is a low-key presence: the Surface Dock docking station. If you remember correctly, Surface Dock has been out for five years.

Microsoft Launches Surface Family Bucket: Book3 Performance Boosts Go2 Screen Bigger

Surface Dock 2

This time, the Surface Dock 2 basically retains the design of its predecessor, but it also makes some user-friendly changes, such as replacing the mini DP with two USB Type-Cs. At the same time, gigabit ports, audio, and two USB Type-As are continued. In addition, the Surface Dock 2 brings faster charging speeds and faster data transfer rates to support more powerful Surface devices.

Microsoft has also released a new multi-port Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub, which, by name, is a accessory for connecting networks, displays, and USB-Type C slots on the go.

The Surface Dock 2 costs $2,288 and the Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub costs $1,088. Both products will be available at a later date.

Finally, there are two new Microsoft accessories packages, a separately designed keyboard with padded palmrests and an ultra-precise mouse, as well as a padded thumbrest. The Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set consists of a lightweight, stylish full-size keyboard and a compact, stylish mouse. Microsoft’s ergonomic desktop set costs $729 and the Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set costs 489 yuan. Both packages will be available at a later date.