Trump administration drafts lunar mining deal: proposes future safe zones at lunar bases

According tomedia reports, people familiar with the matter said the Trump administration is currently drafting an international agreement on the u.S.-sponsored “Artemis Agreement” for lunar mining. The agreement will revolve around NASA’s latest moves to train allies in NASA’s plans to land on the moon and build a lunar space station over the next decade. The draft has not yet been formally shared with U.S. allies.

The Trump administration and other aviation nations see the moon as a key strategic asset in outer space. It also has long-term scientific research value, making future missions to Mars possible.

Named after NASA’s new Artemis moon landing program, the agreement proposes the creation of a “safe zone” around the future lunar base to prevent damage or interference from others.

Trump administration drafts lunar mining deal: proposes future safe zones at lunar bases

The source stressed that the “safe zone” did not involve any territorial claims and that the size would vary with action, allowing coordination among space participants.

The agreement will provide a framework of international law to give enterprises ownership of the mineral resources they exploit.

In the coming weeks, the United States plans to formally negotiate with Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and European countries. Russia has been removed from the list for threatening drills near U.S. spy satellites.

NASA is investing tens of billions of dollars in Artemis, the report said. Private companies will mine lunar minerals and abundant groundwater on the moon that can be converted into rocket fuel.

It is understood that the United States passed a law in 2015 that allows private companies to exploit and utilize outer space resources, but there is no such law in the international community.