Windows 10 Quick Preview 19624 Push: Microsoft Fixes A Lot of Issues

Today Microsoft released a quick preview update for Windows 10 v19624, which solves quite a few problems and is very worthy of attention. From microsoft updates, the new version of the system fixes device errors that may cause users to check for devices while they sleep;

Prevent users from using the mouse away from the Connect Applications settings dialog box, issues such as Windows Security’s Core Isolation feature that cannot be enabled on some devices and cause windows Update to fail and display error code 0x800700b7.

Windows 10 Quick Preview 19624 Push: Microsoft Fixes A Lot of Issues

In addition, Microsoft is working to improve performance and reliability, temporarily close the new search box on the default app Settings page, and in the “Optional Update Available” section that appears in the update Windows Update settings, users will be able to copy text in case of need.

According to previous forecasts, Microsoft is likely to push for a major update to this year’s Windows 10 on May 28th, and Microsoft’s Edge engineers are improving the integration of Action Center in Chrome and Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has also developed a solution for older versions of Windows 10 that stopusing WinRT toast dismissed event as a web notification shutdown event and periodically check whether Chromium’s web notification status matches the status of The Windows Action Center to detect when notifications are closed.

If the web notification tracked by Chromium no longer exists in Action Center, the user can assume that the notification is closed, and a number of signals are used to trigger the notification status check, including when the timer starts, when toast is clicked, rejected, or displayed, and so on, when the toast history is retrieved.