Apple adjusts new crown “exposure notification” switch in iOS 13.5 Beta 4: show clearer

Apple, which introduced support for the Exposure Notification SPIn in its third iOS 13.5 beta, is working with Google to develop it, along with a switching feature to enable the API,media reported. In the fourth beta version of iOS 13.5, released today, Apple tweaked the interface to make it clearer how the Exposure Notification log works.

In this beta release, when accessing the Exposure Notification switch key is in the Health section of Privacy in the Settings app, Apple now makes it clear that its log functionality cannot prove to be unattached.

In countries with Exposure Notification, the new log switching key is grayed out and cannot be activated without an authorized app installed, as shown in the figure above.

When enabled, the iPhone can exchange random IDs with other devices using Bluetooth. Random IDs collected by the user device will be stored in Exposure Logging for 14 days. The logs will notify you through an app if the user has been exposed to the new corona virus, and if the user themselves are diagnosed with a new corona virus, they can choose to authorize the app to share a random ID of their own design, which can act as an anonymous notification to others.

You will see that Users in the United States or other countries of Exposure Notification are unable to take advantage of this feature in countries where it is not supported.