Home office benefits: Google eliminates subsidies for food, fitness, etc.

Beijing time on May 7 morning news, according tomedia reports, Google employees can not be reimbursed for food or gym expenses during the home office, even if the cost of activities or travel expenses are not used. Last week, the company released an updated policy that, cNBC understands, states that employees cannot receive subsidies including food, fitness, home office furniture, decorations or gifts while working from home.

Home office benefits: Google eliminates subsidies for food, fitness, etc.

The policy also states that employees cannot use the remaining budget amount to purchase meals for themselves or their team during a meeting, nor can they buy meals donated to charity.

The policy’s description of the company’s rules stems from the fact that some employees who are already eligible for generous subsidies hope to continue receiving subsidies while they are forced to work from home after the 2019 new coronary pneumonia pandemic.

It is also catching up with executives tightening their budgets ahead of what they call a “tough” second quarter. CNBC has reported that Google’s marketing budget has been cut in half, hiring has been frozen across the company, and employee skills training has stopped.

A company spokesman declined to comment on recent policies, saying only that the company is making “company-wide efforts,” including the launch of the 2019 New Crown Pneumonia Small Business Fund and the San Francisco Bay Area 2019 New Crown Pneumonia Fund.

According to the Company’s Q and A bulletin board, many teams have a budget for in-house activities and travel that are not yet available because many activities have been canceled, but these unused amounts cannot be used for other purposes or purposes.

“This includes giving Google people a snack box or gift, or purchasing breakfast/lunch/dinner for the team at a meeting,” the company statement said. “These policies are consistent with tax and tax requirements, and they help to keep Google’s teams consistent and fair.” “

The policy also stresses that unused budget lines cannot be used for charities of their choice. “We know that Googlepeople are eager to give back to the community and support the fight against the new coronapneumonia outbreak, but the budget for internal activities cannot be donated to local charities or organizations. The policy adds that if employees want to do something, they can view details about charitable practices on the company’s internal website.

Free food has been a hot topic during the home office for employees who have enjoyed the company’s free cafeteria and drinks. According to CNBC, employees often discuss the topic via internal mail or the internal website Memegen.

A recent employee posted a picture showing Students at Hogwarts College watching the Harry Potter film, with the caption, “I imagine the first day i’m back at work,” and the post received 730 likes after it was posted. Some employees also discussed the possibility of reopening the cafeteria after returning to work. One asked, “Can the office reopen without food?” “Do I want to bring my own lunch?” “It’s also accompanied by a crying face with tears.

Two employees said in an internal website forum that employees working in the office could receive bagged lunches. A certain number of employees continue to work in the office and in the data center to ensure that the product is functioning properly. Google did not comment on the request for comment, nor did it comment on the lunch plan after the office reopened.

The famous online forum Hacker News is filled with Google employees mourning the loss of free food and drink.

“My productivity has disappeared because, first, I don’t have a coffee machine at home, or I walk a mile to Starbucks, or struggle with morning sleep; second, I need to cook now, and so on, all of which used to be solved in the cafeteria in the office,” one person posted on the forum.