What happens if the earth’s gravity disappears for five seconds?

Beijing time on May 7, according tomedia reports, we often say that someone “down to earth”, or “step by step,” these people generally do not have “empty ideas.” These words can be used to describe someone modest, sober and pragmatic, with out of his head full of idealism and unrealistic fantasies. But to be honest, what really keeps us really down to earth is not the quality of humility, but gravity. Even if the earth loses its gravity for only five seconds, all life we know will end there.

What happens if the earth's gravity disappears for five seconds?

Gravity can pull different objects toward each other. The greater the mass of an object, the stronger the gravity, and the shorter the distance, the stronger the gravity. The earth is obviously of great mass and very close to us. It is because of gravity that we can walk on the ground, and objects such as feathers and books can fall on the ground.

The sun is much larger than the earth and can hold a million earths. With the sun’s gravitational pull, planets such as Earth will keep moving around the hot star.

Without gravity, humans and other objects would lose weight. Have you ever seen an astronaut floating in mid-air in a movie? They were able to jump three feet above the moon’s surface because the moon was much smaller than the earth and therefore had a much smaller gravitational pull than the earth. The same is true of astronauts floating in spaceships: the farther away they are from Earth, the less gravity the Earth will have to gravity them to fix on the ship’s floor.

But if the earth’s gravity suddenly disappears, we won’t be as simple as floating. On the contrary, humans and all mass objects become fast-rolling “wind-rolling grass”. Because the Earth’s rotation does not stop, the link that binds surface objects to the Earth is cut off.

With the loss of gravity, air, water and the atmosphere cannot remain on the earth’s surface, with disastrous consequences. As the air pressure suddenly disappears, everyone’s inner ear bursts instantly. Think about the squeeze of the drum membrane when you’re on a plane or diving, and it’s much stronger and faster than that feeling. Without the “glue” of air, concrete structures can fall apart.

What would a water molecule that had lost oxygen atoms look like? Water molecules become hydrogen, so each living cell will blow a fine light in a flash. Although the whole process is only five seconds, but when gravity returns to normal, no one will have witnessed it all. (Leaf)