Tribute to anti-epidemic front-line medical staff: British graffiti master creates new “game changer”

Just a few weeks after a collection of rat toilet graffiti created in the bathroom was produced, British graffiti guru Banksy has brought a new work – a tribute to the medical staff fighting on the front line,media reported. The new work, named Game Changer, is currently on display at South Hampton General Hospital in the UK.

The boy in the painting can be seen as no longer interested in superhero toys, but instead nurse dolls in cloaks and masks.

“Thank you for everything,” Banks wrote in a note left to hospital staff, “i hope it makes this place a little brighter, even if it (pictured) is only black and white.” “

It is understood the work will be on public display for some time before being auctioned off, with the money eventually donated to NHS charities in England.

Paula Hea, chief executive of The University Of Southampton Hospitals NHS Trust, commented on Banksy’s new work: “In Southampton, our extended family has faced the heartbreaking impact of the loss of loved and respected staff and friends. It is a great honour for banksy to choose us to honour the outstanding contribution of everyone in the NHS in this unprecedented era. “