Tesla’s Fremont, California plant is planning to resume production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made his views clear about California’s strict home segregation order, according tomedia reports. Tesla’s Fremont plant may be accelerating production — at least on a limited basis, according to a report published Wednesday by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tesla's Fremont, California plant is planning to resume production

Earlier, California authorities had ruled that Tesla’s car production was not a necessary industry and at the same time forced the plant to shut down. However, although the plant eventually stopped production, it continued to operate a week after it was scheduled to close.

Now, the San Francisco Chronicle quoted an anonymous source as saying the plant may be preparing to resume production. The source is familiar with the operation of the Tesla plant, the report said. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Although the plant has technically closed, the employees are still working in Fremont, where they maintain plant facilities and internal machines, which is permitted by California’s home quarantine order. Sources at the San Francisco Chronicle say the company has increased its staff to help the plant reopen as early as next week.