Apple’s original “For All Mankind” promotional film takes you on a trip to the moon base

On Wednesday, apple shared a video of the second season of the Apple TV-based original sci-fi drama “For All Mankind,” according tomedia. Explained by Garrett Reisman, a technical consultant and former astronaut for “For All Mankind,” the video takes viewers on a journey from the show’s fictional Jamestown lunar base.

In Apple’s sci-fi drama, the Jamestown base is the first permanent outpost of the United States on the moon and a center for lunar exploration and research. Near this base is the Russian lunar base.

Reisman says Jamestown shows what the Apollo-era lunar base might look like, rather than the modern imagination of the moon’s residence.

The “For All Mankind” hit the Apple TV Plus platform last November. The show has been renewed for a second season, but production has been delayed due to a new corona virus outbreak, and the broadcast date has not yet been announced.