Big prophet? “The Simpsons” predicted a new crown pandemic and killer bee invasion as early as 93 years ago.

According tomedia reports, whether you think the animated evergreen “The Simpsons” is still interesting, but in the 30 years since it aired, one thing is certain: the animation is really good at predicting the future. “The Simpsons” not only predicts the new coronavirus pandemic that humans are experiencing, but also, to some extent, the occurrence of a bee invasion that will be committed in the same year (in the United States).

In “Marge In Chains,” the 21st episode of season 4 of The Simpsons, which aired in 1993, a mysterious virus from Asia invades springfield town. In Japan, a sick factory worker sneezed at a package containing juicers that everyone living in Springfield ordered.

When Springfield residents opened their packages, they got their own products — lots of bacteria. The disease, known as the Osaka flu, is spreading as quickly as wildfires in the town, and the epidemic feels a bit like what the world is experiencing right now.

When they knocked over a truck thought to contain the antidote inside, a crate marked “Killing Bee” crashed to the ground and a group of deadly insects flew to the terrified crowd.

While these killer bees are different from the new threat of Asian bumblebees ,nicknamed “Killing Wasps”, recently discovered by Americans in Washington state, they are strikingly similar to reality.

Perhaps you should really keep a close eye on The Simpsons for more clues about the end in 2020. After all, it foresaw Disney’s acquisition of Fox nearly 20 years ago, and predicted that Donald Trump would one day become president of the United States.