Meet Zoom: Google opens Google Meet video conferencing service to all users

The new corona virus pandemic has forced many people to attend remote meetings or online classes at home, but in response to the rise of Zoom, search giant Google is hoping to attract more popularity for Google Meet. In recent weeks, Google has introduced a number of improvements and new features to its own video conferencing software. Now, Google Meet is free for everyone.

Meet Zoom: Google opens Google Meet video conferencing service to all users

In March, Zoom became the cloud video chat software of choice for many people. Despite some security issues, the experience still has a greater advantage over the competition.

As for Google Meet, it was originally unveiled as part of an enterprise-class video conferencing solution. But soon after, Google announced that it would provide free access to advanced features to all users.

In recent weeks, Google Meet has begun to integrate some of the more popular features on Zoom. Although hundreds of people cannot be supported, at least the tiled view has been increased from 4 to 16.

If you don’t want to use Zoom for some reason, consider Google Meet, which will be available to all Google users for free starting today.

Interested friends can sign in on the and have the host pull themselves into an existing meeting group, or create a new one directly.

Depending on the situation, the host chooses to accept or reject a user’s meeting request and choose from multiple virtual background boards.

Of course, Google’s existing product line still feels a bit messy. In addition to Google Meet, there are Hangouts and Google Duo. How many users can be attracted from Zoom remains to be seen.