Audi builds oversized “charge treasure”: a big help to the power grid and power up three cars at the same time

At present, as the automotive market accelerates to electric, intelligent transformation, even the BBA, such as traditional fuel car luxury brands have joined the electric car camp. Audi is also more aggressive than Mercedes-Benz and BMW in terms of electro-electric. Recently, according tomedia reports, Audi has developed a container car charging system, storage capacity of about 1000kWh, a total charging power of 1200kW, can charge three electric cars at the same time, and also through trailers to facilitate its transport.

It is reported that the container-type power storage device used The Audi recycled e-tron old battery pack, using fast charging station technology, developed this powerful charging system.

The system is integrated with 4,500 second-use lithium-ion cell, 1000kWh of power storage, a total charging power of 1200kW, can simultaneously charge 3 cars, each car’s maximum charging power of 150kW.

In addition, the set of charging system into the local power grid, in the completion of the use of power battery ladder, but also can play a “flat peak and valley” role. The power of the grid is stored when the power is at the bottom of the grid, and during peak periods, when the vehicle’s charging needs are met, the power supply to the grid is met, minimizing the pressure on the local grid.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the charging system is also very cool. Audi will be built into a container, the sides of the container is similar to the design of the coupe wing door, automatically open when charging, in addition to the cool modeling technology, but also for the charging vehicle to play the role of shade and rain, beautiful and practical.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, Audi staff drove a fleet of e-tron electric SUVs to transport attendees, and their team connected the charging system to the hydroelectric power grid and then recharged the vehicle through a container charging system, so that their fleetcould truly achieve zero emissions and carbon neutrality.