“Dropbox Transfer” that can transfer up to 100GB of files officially started

By devioustree Dropbox announced on November 4, 2019 that it has launched Dropbox Transfer, a file transfer feature that has been conducting private beta testing since July 2019, for the general public. Dropbox Transfer now available to all users . Dropbox Blog https://blog.dropbox.com/topics/product-tips/dropbox-transfer-available

How to use Dropbox Transfer . Dropbox Help https://help.dropbox.com/ja-jp/files-folders/share/dropbox-transfer There is also a technique of attaching a file to an email to pass data online. However, email attachments can be exchanged directly, but gmail cannot send large files, as there is a 50MB reception limit and a 25MB send limit.

Dropbox Transfer is a file transfer service that generates links that allow you to access uploaded files, and can be used from browser, desktop apps, and apps for iOS. Unlike regular folder sharing in Dropbox, Dropbox Transfer has the following characteristics: The owner of the file can check the number of views and downloads of uploaded files. Files transferred by Dropbox Transfer do not appear in the Dropbox folder of the transfer e.m. After 7 days, it automatically expires. The transfer partner cannot edit the file transferred by Dropbox Transfer. Here’s how to transfer files with Dropbox Transfer. Once you have access to Dropbox, select Transfer in the left column and click Create Transfer.

The Dropbox Transfer screen looks like this. Click the + button to select the file you want to transfer, or drag and drop the file you want to transfer directly.

After selecting the file, click Next.

The file has been updated.

When the transfer is ready, a link is created. You can share by clicking Copy Link and pasting the link into the text of the email. Also, if you click “View All Transfer History” in the upper left……

I was able to check the number of times i uploaded files were viewed and downloaded.

The maximum file size that can be transferred with Dropbox Transfer is 100MB for basic plan for individuals, 2GB plus for 1200 yen per month, and 100GB for Professional for 2000 yen per month. In addition, the upper limit size for corporations is 2GB for Business Standard of 1250 yen per month, Business Advanced of 2000 yen per month and Business Enterprise of the top-level paid plan is 100GB. Professional, Business Advanced, and Business Enterprise can also set file transfer expiration dates and download passwords.

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