Italy to launch viral saliva testing kit for results in a few minutes

According to euronews agency quoted by euronews, 6 local time, Lombardisette RajI City, Italy, the city of health reported that the agency and the University of Ensporia in cooperation with the development of a new coronavirus saliva testing kit, has been approved by the relevant state departments, will be put on the market in the near past.

Italy to launch viral saliva testing kit for results in a few minutes

Medical staff treat a seriously ill person infected with the new coronavirus in the intensive care unit of Cremona Hospital, southeast of Milan, Italy, on March 23, local time.

Reported that the kit only 3 to 6 minutes to test the test participants to the new coronavirus results. It works much like a pregnancy test, where test results can occur by collecting the tester’s saliva on an absorbable piece of paper and processing it through a kit.

The researchers note that a large number of experiments have shown that saliva kits can also screen for asymptomatic infections, and that the introduction of the kits will help better identify potential infections and sources of infection.

The kit was reportedly led by Angelo Tagriab, a professor of oral surgery at the University of Emporia, Paul Grossi, an expert in infectious diseases in emergency situations, Lorenzo Az, a dental researcher, and Mauro Fasano, a biochemist. (Li Sijia)