Tesla Model 3 No Longer Imported Cars Ends Delivery

On May 7th, Tesla’s Shanghai plant was shut down. It comes amid concerns that downtime could affect the delivery of the Model 3 long-range version. News suggests that Tesla’s first long-range Model 3 will begin delivery in June, just before the end of the subsidy transition period.

Tesla Model 3 No Longer Imported Cars Ends Delivery

Some time ago, the introduction of a multi-sector new energy vehicle promotion subsidy new regulations, the provisions to enjoy the promotion of new energy vehicles models, its guidance before the price needs to be less than 300,000 yuan, which also disrupted a lot of car companies model planning, each car enterprises have also introduced a corresponding price adjustment strategy and car purchase preferential subsidies.

Correspondingly, in order to enjoy the subsidy, Tesla also cut the pre-subsidy price of its domestic version of model 3 to 300,000 yuan, after the subsidy price is only 271.55 million yuan.

However, the current long-lasting version of the model starting price of 339.05 million yuan, to reduce to 300,000 yuan or less is not a small difficulty. And Tesla officials have announced that they won’t adjust the price of the Model 3 long-range version. This means that the Model 3 long-range model will no longer receive the new energy promotion subsidy after the end of the subsidy transition period on July 22.

To that end, Tesla will begin delivering its first long-range models in June, which will also allow some models to enjoy a relatively more subsidy policy before the New Energy Vehicle Subsidy New Deal ends on July 22nd.

In addition, as early as April 10, the domestic Model 3 long-range driving model after the sale price was officially announced, after the subsidy of 339.05 million yuan. Also released is the domestic Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version.

This means that the Tesla Model 3 is fully in the era of domestic production and no more imported models are sold. Moreover, the domestic version of the Model 3 high-performance four-wheel drive model price unchanged, still 4198 million yuan.