Revolutionary new coronapneumonia drug could be available this summer

According tomedia reports, there are two main reasons why the new coronavirus is so dangerous: incredibly contagious and a lack of drugs to treat new coronapneumonia. That is why masks and social distance measures are so important, and will continue to be needed once the economies are opened up in all regions. Even if the peak passes and the curve flattens, these viruses will not disappear, they will continue to exist, and major outbreaks are still possible.

Revolutionary new coronapneumonia drug could be available this summer


People are doing a better job of treating the virus than they were a few months ago, and it’s getting closer to vaccine development.

Ridciwe will become the standard treatment for new coronary pneumonia, which has been found to shorten recovery times in some patients. However, this drug does not reduce mortality or prevent infection. And that’s what vaccines can do — assuming that at least one drug ends up out of the 115 candidate drugs currently being developed. But before the vaccine is widely available, people will have to wait a long time, so it’s a good thing that the first drugs to treat new coronary pneumonia could be available as early as this summer.

Doctors fighting the virus have been spraying infected people with compounds to try to slow down the virus’s reproductive capacity and prevent over-immune reactions that could lead to death. That’s why drugs like Redcyvir, hydroxychloroquine and many other drugs have been tested in patients. These are drugs developed for other diseases, but they may also be effective for new coronary pneumonia.

At the same time, scientists are also working on a new drug specifically targeting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The drug is based on the treatment that has been proven to be effective in many cases for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

Several countries have been trying to treat the new disease by stoding plasma from 19 patients who have battled the virus. Their plasma contains high doses of antibodies that can give people some kind of immunity to reinfection — although it’s unclear how long that immunity will last. But the antibody can also help patients with severe new coronary pneumonia.

It is understood that the problem with plasma therapy is that you need a donor, which means it is difficult to meet demand. Most importantly, only some antibodies may work. Thankfully, researchers are now trying to clone the most effective antibodies and create new drugs that don’t require blood transfusions to produce the same effect. If successful, hospitals will have an effective drug to treat a large number of patients with new coronary pneumonia before the first vaccines are available.

This concept is not new. It is called monoclonal antibody therapy and has been used to treat a variety of other diseases such as cancer, AIDS, asthma, lupus and multiple sclerosis. At least five u.S. teams are working on antibody drugs, CNN reported. The list includes Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Vanderbilt, Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Distributed Bio and Rockefeller University in New York City. Among them, Rockefeller University hopes to begin human trials next month, and if all goes well, it could launch hundreds of thousands of doses of the new drug by the end of the summer.

In addition, Vanderbilt hopes to launch its drug in the first quarter of 2021. A few weeks ago, a report from South Korea said researchers there were also working on antibody-based drugs with the goal of developing them as soon as next year.