MeerKAT telescope images reveal secrets of mysterious ‘X Galaxy’

Astronomers have been baffling galaxies that emit x-shaped radio waves from the black holes lurking in their center, according tomedia CNET. It is common for galaxies to shoot in the opposite direction, but the cause of this complex X-shaped jet was uncertain until the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa took a closer look at one of the strange cosmic shapes.

MeerKAT telescope images reveal secrets of mysterious 'X Galaxy'

MeerKat’s radio wave observations of the “X Galaxy” PKS 2014-55 revealed a swing ingress-like structure: “The material falling back into the galaxy is shifted in different directions to form X’s other two arms.” “

The team, led by scientists at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), which runs MeerKAT, will publish their findings in the Monthly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

SARAO has released a diagram highlighting the pattern of this set of currents.

MeerKAT telescope images reveal secrets of mysterious 'X Galaxy'

Astronomers have thought that the “Galaxy X” may have been created by a change in the spin direction of a black hole or two black holes working as a team. However, MeerKAT’s clear view of PKS2014-55 supports the “double swing dart” model.

The jet stream of radio waves is truly epic. They extend into space millions of light-years away. “Ultimately, they are ‘reversed’ by the pressure of intense intergalactic gas,” SARAO said. When they flow to the central galaxy, the relatively high gas pressure shifts to the shorter, horizontal arm of the gyrocopter. “

MeerKAT officially opened in 2018, but huge radio bubbles have been found in the center of the Milky Way and provide a gleaming view of distant galaxies. “MeerKAT’s design is the best in the world. Study co-author Bernie Fanaroff said. “It’s good to see that its unique capabilities help solve long-term problems related to the evolution of galaxies. “