Amazon sues again over Microsoft’s JEDI cloud computing contract

Microsoft confirmed on its blog today that Amazon has filed a new lawsuit over Microsoft’s winning contract for JEDI cloud computing,media reported. Because the litigation documents are confidential, completed out of the public eye and submitted directly to the U.S. Department of Defense, Microsoft is not aware of the specifics of the documents.

Amazon sues again over Microsoft's JEDI cloud computing contract

But Microsoft suggested that if the latest allegations were consistent with previous arguments made by Amazon in court documents, it could be another attempt to force the JEDI proposal process to resume.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s vice president of communications, responded to the complaint in a blog post today, calling the move “disappointing but not unexpected.”

“We were notified on Tuesday that Amazon had made another protest — this time out of the public eye and directly to the Department of Defense — about their failure in the bid for the JEDI cloud computing contract. Amazon’s complaint is confidential, so we don’t know what it says. But if their recent complaints are consistent with its arguments in court and comments in the media, it could be another attempt to force them to do it again, as they bid high and lose the first time. The only certainty about Amazon’s new complaint is that it will force American fighters to wait longer for the 21st-century technology they need — continuing Amazon’s record of putting its own interests ahead of their stake. “