Zoom and New York attorney general reach agreement on platform security improvements

New York Attorney General Letitia James and Zoom agreed on security measures for the video conferencing company,media reported. James updated a letter she sent in late March today. At the time, James raised concerns after receiving reports of an aggressive Zoomingout and other privacy and security issues on the platform.

Zoom and New York attorney general reach agreement on platform security improvements

Now she outlines the measures Zoom has taken to improve its service and appreciates the company’s handling of the criticism it receives.

It is understood that the agreement includes Zoom’s appointment of a security officer to ensure the security and confidentiality of user information, the use of reasonable encryption and security protocols, the provision of channels of complaint and the explicit prohibition of hatred of others based on race, religion, national origin, national origin, gender or sexual orientation, etc.

The agreement’s announcement came after the New York City Board of Education reversed an order barring teachers from teaching Zoom.

James noted in the new letter that Zoom quickly addressed the issues identified in the initial letter and actively cooperated with NYAG’s investigation, which also provided valuable services to schools, local governments and medical institutions to help address the unique situation of the global pandemic.

In a statement, Zoom said it was pleased with the agreement and confirmed the amount of work the company has already done, “which is part of our 90-day security and privacy plan, including the introduction of some of the security features we already have by default, as well as the introduction of new security enhancements.” “